Portable conveyor systems, quick setup and tear down, modular design, add length up to 100 feet. The Phoenix Animal Carcus Incinerator
Animal Carcass Incinerator


The Phoenix Incinerator is designed to dispose of animal carcasses that are infected with Bird Flu, H5N1 Avian Flu, SARS, and other animal diseases and viruses. To do this, the incinerator is designed to provide COMPLETE INCINERATION. This means that each and every carcass is reduced to dry, clean, safe powdery ash. Achieving this level of incineration requires high heat, and the Phoenix units provide exactly that.

Internal chamber temperature in the Phoenix Incinerator can reach 1600° F (870° C), and the chimney temperature can reach 1250° F (675° C) to reduce smoke.  At these temperatures, carcasses are reduced to ash. This temperature is achieved by a combination of high quality components, including:

  • Air-injected, high-impact Beckett burners
  • 10 gauge 309 Stainless Steel chamber
  • 24 individual 1 x 3 inch grates
  • Heavy duty external steel frame
  • High temperature fiberglass door seals
  • Four silent air induction blowers

To speed the duty cycle of the incinerator, the Phoenix units have a timer-controlled cool-down cycle. The cool down cycle cools the residue ash so it can be safely removed and handled.

There is very low smoke production from the incinerator, because of the high chimney heat achieved during operation.

We recommend to most of our clients that they include the special burning hopper option, which helps to burn off the feathers from poultry carcasses. This burning hopper helps to reduce the overall burn time, reduce the volume of remains, and improve productivity.

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